Your MLM Business – Game On!

by Amy on October 5, 2009


BP around table Your MLM Business   Game On!

Make an aggressive plan for the next SIX WEEKS – October through Mid-November. This is one of three key times of the year for mlm business building. If you go out of your way to make A LOT of contacts in the next 6 weeks, your business will explode and you’ll have a rockin’ 2010….

Take your goals for above and put numbers to them by mapping out the next six weeks on a calendar. Can you do something every day for the next six weeks? If not, why not? Can you find 30 days in the next 42 that you can commit to do something each day? Choose actions for each day. Yes, each day for the next 42 days, using at least 30 days of the 42. Each day you will do SOMETHING to move your business forward

Make your goals something you can actually stick to and get done. Big goals are great, but if you can’t realistically reach them, you’ll set yourself up for disappointment

Be realistic and set yourself up for success instead – don’t worry that your goals are too big or too small. Commit to what YOU know YOU can do, you’ll win more often that way

Tell someone else what your goals are. Be bold, clear and totally honest. If you can share your goals with someone else and hear those goals spoken aloud, you’ll be more committed, you’ll also get a sense of how realistic you believe they are. And, you’ll be more likely to follow through if someone else knows what you’ve committed to

Ask yourself (and answer honestly): What is the one thing you could do, that you’re not doing now, that would move your business forward if you would just do it? If you honestly answer and act on this one question, you could change your entire future

Add one method that you are not currently using and try it out for the six week period. Most industry experts agree that you should be working 2-3 methods at once

Don’t feel you have to change up everything you’re doing. Be realistic and hold yourself accountable, consistency is more important than bold new initiatives

Help one other person take these steps with you, preferably someone on your team so that their effort benefits you both

Set up a small reward you’ll give yourself if you successfully complete a six week plan. And remember it takes 30 days to establish a new habit, so you’ll have revolutionized your entire business in just 42 days

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